Higher Truth

German theologian and philosopher Friedrich Schleiermacher felt that each of us is on a personal journey to grasp some knowledge of higher reality. Alister McGrath said our mind has a capax dei of “possessing an intrinsic ability to grasp something of God.” (2002) Capax dei is translated as capax (capacity or ability), and dei (God). For me, a capax dei grasp of God ——-> is a coup d’oeil glimpse of Truth. Higher Truth has gone by many names over the 6,000 years of recorded history:  i. e. Allah, Jahweh, Good Father, God, Vengeful Father, Mother, or Super Being. I propose we all make a Pascal’s Wager regarding the existence of a God: 1.) falsely denying a superbeing existence may lead to damnation, or 2.) falsely believing in a superbeing existence can lead to some very unnatural ways to live one’s life. However, a Pascal’s Wager for me is not about damnation, harm, denial, or belief but is about Truth. A Pascal’s Wager for me asks the questions, “Is my journey dictated by an entrenched supernatural taught worldview?,” or “Does my journey include a sustained effort in a personal search for the source of higher meaning and/or Ultimate Truth?” I choose to view my journey as a process that is dynamic and evolving, as I search to experience truths and Truth in the natural and human worlds.

higher truth

Nature’s Truths

It became crucial that my journey include discovering, experiencing, and appreciating the truths of the natural world. It is an indispensable passion of mine to discover, experience, and appreciate what natue-based realities and ultimate reality or Truth may exist. John Robinson proposed, “God is, by definition ultimate reality.” (1963) I agree with Robinson about ultimate reality, but I disagree with him about the supernatural concept of God. I knew that for me, if I continued to adhere to a supernatural worldview I would not be able to discover or experience even an approximation of Truth.

Ultimate is from the Latin latimatus meaning last, farther, or final. I theorize we have a vague awareness, maybe an intuitive grasp that pushes us to search for truths in Nature, and to discover final ultimate answers. There is something deep in our very nature, in our inner heart, in our indwelling core where we need to reflect on finding natural truths and ultimate reality. I have an inexorable desire to solve the Great Mysteries that somehow must be enmeshed in natural truths. And, I have a deep-seated need for some understanding of the mysterious source of Ultimate Truth —> that unknown mystery within a mystery. My inquisitive nature exquisitely endeavors to discover this abstract mystery. Newbery and Wildman said, “if ultimate reality remains a mystery, so much the better, for it is the questions that gives us meaning, that drives us forward and fills us with transcendent awe.” (2006) It is my contention that a supranaturalism that builds with/upon Nature, human  nature, and our own nature may allow for at least an intuitive  grasp of, and maybe at times an experience of this mysterious ultimate reality. It is my desire that the hypothesis of supranaturalism contribute to my having experiences of, and a better understanding of unvarnished and untarnished natural truths and Nature’s Truth.



Spirituality: Truth

I encountered a dilemma when I asked the questions, “How does a spirituality that is defined in supranatural terms allow for higher meaning and Truth?” or, “How is it possible for supranatural spirituality to experience higher meaning and Truth?” I overcame this dilemma only when I came to realize and to accept that our Self/Spirit (breath of life) is a natural process that involves awakening and activating those nature-based inner truths and Truth. Anderson assures us that, “spirituality and life are inseparable.” (2003) Bjorkland insisted that spirituality “has to do with whatever is at the center of our life.” (1983) I agree with Anderson and Bjorkland. Everyone likes to say “the truth is so and so,” but I say that really amounts to the way they subjectively experience life.

We are daily bombarded with half-truths, false-truths, and no-truths. I submit that a more objective understanding of truth/Truth can only come when we have goals aimed at: 1.) truths that come by way of experiencing greater satisfaction of our nature-based innate basal and deeper needs, 2.) extend that development by experiencing and connecting with those elusive mysterious natural truths existing in the natural world, and 3.) have gut-level experiences that connect with an overall higher source of Truth. I view spirituality and supranaturalism as my attempts  to incredibly be awakened to, and experience the truths that come with my life and my journey into deeper sex, love, morality, emotions, and consciousness. The deeper my/our Being evolves into awakening myself (my spirit) with/upon Nature, human nature, and our own nature the more the door opens to, and the more we are heading in the direction of having deeper experiences, connections, and understanding with that mysterious higher Truth.


Ultimate Truth

In previous posts, I set the stage for my journey into trying to satisfy my innate need  to having higher meaning in my life. In posts to come, I will go into detail and give a name to this source of reality, force, order, and/or energy that gives my existence higher meaning. As my childhood imprinted fanciful, far-fetched and nonsensical supernatural worldview started to unravel and implode, I set myself on a course to replace it with a worldview that had a source I could attest to and find meaning in/from. In previous posts, I introduced the concept of  supranaturalism —> an imaginably and conceivably transvaluative term. The basic idea of supranaturalism is that my/our spirit is biological, is natural, and is oneself. I theorize supranaturalism upholds and embraces a spirituality having the capacity for the Self<–>Spirit to evolve and to enhance its innate potential —-> epigenetic connotation. I endorse the hypothesis that supranaturalism views spirit as being part of the energy-matter of life —> bio-energetic connotation. I profoundly agree with Raymo that, “matter, in the view of contemporary physics, is everything we hoped spirit to be, and more … matter in modern physics has become a thing of marvelous subtlety and potentiality.” (1998)  I sanction the idea that supranaturalistic enhancement involves an awakefulness movement towards different aspects of truth. In my sojourning journey, I asked, “If there is a source of higher reality, order, force, and/or energy doesn’t it have to involve truths and Truth?” My answer was/is, “how can it possibly be anything else!

ultimate truth


Entelechy is another exceptional concept that was originally associated with the philosophy of Aristotle. In Greek entelechy is entelecheia and it refers en (inherent), telos (aim or goal), and echeia (to have). I view entelechy as part of our Being because we are born with an innate sense of drive or an inner calling. Entelechy is the inherent potential within each of us to aim for higher goals. However, that inherent drive is only a potential and remains dormant until it is unlocked and we decide to activate our inner drive.  I view entelechy as a supranatural, epigenetic, and energetic concept. Epigenetics has only potential until it is activated and we decide to go within – to activate what is within. Energeia has only potential until it is energized. Entelechy is a natural inner force that can be an aide in moving our self-evolution forward if we choose to activate and awaken our potential. It basically amounts to a personal choice of drive overcoming the ambivalent forces of mediocrity.



It is important that I distinguish haecceity from quiddity.  Haecceity is our essential uniqueness, our special “thisness,” those crucial irreplaceable elements that make each one of us an absolutely different individual from all people who have ever walked Planet Earth. On the other hand, quiddity refers to those common traits,  a “whatness,” those human features and traits each one of us share with all other humans. Quiddity is a shared heritage and history we have in common with all other humans. Quiddity includes those conspecific Out of Africa inherited DNA features we share with all of humanity. The human genome gives us a commonality of shared human features, but at the same time it gives each of us genetic mutational unique features. This difference makes each one of us a genetic  mutant having our own unique genetic flaws and strengths. I celebrate my unique features and traits I was born with, and I take pride in and I recognize those common features and traits I share with all of humanity.



Pollyannaish Fallacy

Right now, I feel a need to point out a common Pollyannaish Fallacy often said to the young that, “you can be anything you want to be.” So untrue! What a cruel lie. Everyone is a unique person and not all of us are gifted to be a great scientist, musician, artist, mathematician, professional athlete, or professional model. What the statement should say is, “make sure you use the unique gifts you were born with by activating within and developing them to the max.” In my writing, I discuss Howard Gardner suggesting humans have six multiple intelligences:  i. e. linguistic, musical, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, interpersonal, and intrapersonal.  I recommend that we discover and experience our intelligence  (intelligences), our daedal skills, talents, special abilities, and develop them to the greatest degree possible.



Haecceity (hek-se-a-te) is a rare and extraordinary word first used by John Dunn Scotus (1200’s AD). Haec is Latin for “this,” and means the “thisness” of a subject or what it truly “is.” One’s being involves the concept of haecceity. As humans we share universal nature with all of life and we share human nature. But haecceity is my uniqueness; my unique nature. I suggest a significant paradoxical equation I identify in this uniqueness. That is, we are all infinitesimal creatures in a gigantic Cosmos, yet when under inspection and calculation in this huge Cosmos, there is a mystery that lies within our uniqueness to everything else that exists in the Cosmos. Each one of us maybe an imperceptible creature in this vast Cosmos, but we are an exquisively unrepeateable being. Just to think that out of 108,000,000,000 people who have ever lived each one of us can say, “I am unique,” and “I am one-of-a-kind.” Each of our 23 pairs of chromosomal DNA makes us mutationally and situationally unique. Haecceity is that remarkable genetic (nature) and environmental (nurture) path that has led to my and your total distinctiveness from all other creatures that have ever existed and will ever exist.  We are unique individuals <-—> we have a distinct personhood. I acknowledge, admire and embrace Joseph Campbell’s proposal that, “the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”


Essential Nature

Paul Tillich felt, “most human beings are in a state of actual conflict with their own rationality and therefore unable to affirm their essential being courageously,” which is when “the power of being is identified with virtue, and consequently with essential nature. Virtue is the power of acting exclusively according to one’s true nature. The degree of virtue is the degree to which somebody is striving for and trying to confirm his own being.” (1952) I  am cautious of who I will allow to inquire and gain insight into my essential being. I have learned the hard way that revealing my real-being, strengths and weaknesses, can be a risky business. There are scoundrels among us who will turn that information against us. One time I let my guard down and allowed myself to be seriously taken advantage of by a user and an abuser. I am now very guarded and cautious of who I will entrust my inner heart to. It is a matter of trust and mistrust. Now someone will know me to the degree I allow them  to know me. I advise readers to be knowledgeable about people you allow to see the multi-levels of yourself. Not everyone has the right to know the “real you.” They have to earn that right by way of respect that comes by way of truthfulness and trustfulness.

essential nature


Spirituality: Ontic Being

Ontic Being is an umbrella arch term I developed to better answer the questions: “Who am I?,”  and “What am I?” Ontic Being is a naturalistic concept that lines up with our supranaturalistic ability to activate what is within us (epi-genetic and energetic connotations). I propose Ontic Being as a postulation that includes and involves the natural Self <–> the spiritual Self. Ontic entails the Greek word onto that concerns and applies to real or existence. Ontic evokes the French entite (entity) where entite involves essence or realness. I incorporate ontic as a portmanteau like concept (onto + ic). I regard one’s Ontic Being as a person’s indomitable essential Self-Spirit. Ontic Being is the personification of our natural inherited uniqueness. I suggest that in the process of understanding our real natural Self ––> we are in the process of understanding our real spiritual Self.

Using the term ontic makes sense to me, because it is an ontological concept focusing on the nature of our real being instead the presentation of a catfishing parodizing fictional persona, an incognito being, or some  estranged role-playing of the Self. Ontic Being is not performing a deceiving façade imitational parody of the Self. Ontic Being is an awakening to the real me —> the real-is-real me. When I am not being the real me I only end up betraying myself, and this only ends up cheating myself. There is no need of putting on airs. The need to be oneself supersedes any supplanted views of oneself. My Ontic Being is my enduring Self<–>Spirit that ultimately comes closer to answering the questions, “Who am I?,” and “What am I?’ As this narrative broadens, I will shortly point out that there is no single or definitive answer to these questions. For human nature has made for multidimensional features and multilayered traits that make for multi-level views of the Self-Spirit.